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The Pharmaceutical Company "Technomedservis"has been founded in 1994 for development and manufacture of medical products of new generation on the basis of natural DNA. As a result of long scientific examinations has been received immunological drug Derinat – highly purified sodium salt of natural desoxyribonucleic acid (DNA), extracted from sturgeon or salmon fish soft roe, distinguished by a high biological activity. The preparation Derinat has a wide spectrum of biological activity on a homeostasis of the person at absence of toxicity and contra-indications, normalizes the immune status and possesses nonspecific stimulating action on all bodies and fabrics. Derinat, being a powerful stimulator of cell regeneration and stabilization of heamopoiesis, improves the metabolism of cells and resistance to ischemic conditions, activates the formation process of cytokines (interleukins, colony stimulating factors and interferons). The whole complex of these properties determines the uniqueness of this immunomodulator and explains the positive results of its application in various fields of medicine.

One more author"s development of scientists of the Pharmaceutical Company "Technomedservis" is also the preparation Ferrovir. It’s the highly purified and the standardized complex salt of desoxyribonucleic Na with iron, which belongs to pharmacological group of antiviral preparations and is effective concerning DNA - and RNA-containing viruses. Ferrovir gets through the hematoencephalic barrier, raises nonspecific resistance of an organism to various infections, promotes braking replication of viruses in the infected cultures of cells in vitro and in vivo, leads to essential decrease in infectious activity of viruses and raises viability of the infected cells. Ferrovir is used in the combined therapy of a HIV-infected patients, for therapy of hepatitis, of a cytomegalovirus and herpes infections.

It was developed in common with experts of the Company "Textileprogress" an atraumatic napkin Koletex-ADN with Derinat for treatment of trophic ulcers, superficial burns, bedsores, postoperative wounds, long healing wounds, including patients with diabetes. It consists of a volumetric textile basis, biopolymer alginad Na and a layer of a medical preparation Derinat.


The Pharmaceutical Company "Technomedservis" is one of few Russian enterprises which are carrying out a full cycle of its output - from a substance up to ready medicinal forms. Now the enterprise is in a stage of transition to manufacture of drugs according to the international quality standard GMP. The Pharmaceutical Company "Technomedservis" is the owner of the international premium "The Profession is the Life" in the field of medicine, in the industry of health and preservation of the person"s sphere of existence, since 2005 is the official partner of Guild of suppliers of the Kremlin.